SEI’s 48 Volt “2U” Series DC-UPS

“A DC Plant in a Box”

SEI’s 48 Volt “2U” Series DC-UPS

“A DC Plant in a Box”

DC-UPS Versions

SEI “2U” Rack Mount 48 Vdc UPS with Internal Batteries – 150 to 1800 watts of output power


Output Ports

Up to 10 individually fused and controlled ports are available.

Secondary Voltages

Optional DC-DC converters allow two secondary outputs of 5V, 12V, 15V, 48V or regulated 24V to power differing voltage loads. Custom output voltages also available.

“Fall back” power by use of parallel rectifiers.

  • 9 Ahr battery provides 10-150 minutes backup based on load.
  • Increased Battery Holdover with external Battery Pack or Battery Cabinet.
  • Hot Swappable without taking system down.
  • LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) protects batteries from over-discharge.
  • Automatic Monitoring and Load Testing for Battery Replacement.
  • Optional Remote Alarm for AC Power/battery test failure indication.

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